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    Hebei Huayang Auto Electric Co., Ltd. specializing in the design, production car seat ventilation, car seat heating systems, air conditioning systems car seat manufacturers. Founded in 1995, after years of ups and downs, has been the rapid development of the North China region of the larger car seat ventilation systems business, products are sold in more than 20 provinces, and some products have been exported to Southeast Asia and other countries. 
    The company is located in Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, the junction of the heart, is located in the well-developed industrial base Hejian City Industrial Park, convenient transportation and pleasant scenery. Strong technical force, has the world's advanced level of production equipment and testing equipment, product quality in a leading position in the industry. The domestic media have reported our products. Our company is currently on the Chinese market is the most professional heating materials production base, while the most professional manufacturer of car seat heating systems.
    With the increasing growth of China's automobile industry, Rui Yang rapid development will be faster, will be better and more sophisticated technology, better quality and better services to win a huge market for our customers to provide professional and personalized service.¡¡
    Enterprise Mission: integrity management, be tolerant to diversity, people-oriented, the pursuit of excellence.



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