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Car seat heating can improve occupant discomfort
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Seat heating using electric heating wire seats within the interior of the seat heating, and heat transfer through the heat transfer to the occupant, while improving the winter the seat because the seat is too cool after long park ride discomfort caused by .
     1, seat heating only when the ignition switch is turned to work.
     2, in order to protect the heating element seat heating, do not kneel on the seat or point load applied to the seat surface and backrest.¡¡
3. If in-vehicle voltage drops, the seat heating device will automatically shut down in order to ensure the provision of adequate power to the engine control system.
4, in a timely manner after the closure of the parking seat heating or ventilation to prevent the next start, electricity load is too large.
5, plus heated seats not installed after the cushion to prevent abnormal overheating seat, low temperature, will lead to failure.
Frontier vehicles have changed Warm Tips: It is recommended that you start the engine after the open seat heating switch, so you can effectively conserve battery power to extend battery life.

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