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Seat heating installation considerations
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Seat heating installation Note:
      1. The positive and negative power line and the ON line is to be connected firmly, and each plug to be plugged in, the plug should look for when inserted, whether the plug is inserted it. In plug and if so, the inserts inserted back into the plug or socket outlet or from the back of the plug after.

     2. When the system is not working properly, you should first turn off the car engine, then start, then try the heating system is working. If it does not work, you should seek professional maintenance.

     3. The system has a variety of protection circuits, and there is delay protection function, the heating system to work 5 seconds delay is normal.

4. Install process to avoid scratch hard objects, injured, not secretly converted heating system.

     5. Never install non-professional staff.

    We use a variety of heating materials, better ensure the quality and safety of our products in the international forefront of the industry level. We have been in constant self-denial and never-ending pursuit of innovation, manufacturing safety, comfort, health, environmental, economical products.


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