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Car seat heating pad material and durable economic
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Car seat heating system is a series of procedural way wiring heating technology. Smart alloy wire is made of 30-90 stocks of high quality insulation materials made of alloy wire (single strand multi-root compressed air insulated), good insulation properties, a variety of liquid anti-corrosion, leakage power, oxidation, folding and strong, even though in the harsh environment will not easily cause a short circuit, open circuit and aging. Smart alloy material parameters are very stable, even heat distribution; and tensile capability,90 folding test up to 30 million times the number of times; non-woven double-sided high-temperature flame, flame-retardant effect; smart alloy heating material is heated car seat cushion of a trend change. This subtle change can be observed from the beginning of German products, Germany is the origin of heated seats, heated seats, he guided the direction of development, but also master the technology to the highest standards. Volkswagen car seat heating pad corporate standards cover the following main requirements:
1, to adapt to the temperature of -40 ¡æ to 120 ¡æ;
2, impact resistant body weight to be more than 20 million times;
3. To test the impact on and off more than 10 million times;
4, long-term corrosion salt water, coffee, water, cola and other liquids;
5, to the long-term impact withstand voltage 11-18V;
6, flame retardant to achieve self-extinguishing or fire can pull a fire burning rate is less than 100mm / min;
7, temperature performance to human comfort temperature 50 ¡æ;
8, thermal protection experiments in life to be more than 80,000 times;
9, long-term work in hot and humid environment;
10, use should be fixed firmly, not wrinkles and so on.

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