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Car Seat ventilation phase relatively environmenta
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    Original car air conditioner forced ventilation system (heating and cooling can be blown) is just 10W / seat power consumption, power consumption is smaller and more energy-efficient, more environmentally friendly with no emissions; independent refrigeration due to outside requires a relatively high power required total fan semiconductor refrigeration piece together the reason, the power consumption is at least 3.5 times more than a single ventilation system(If the ventilation system power consumption is lower than that of the cooling chip cooling demand simply can not produce enough air to support the seat, remember that the greater the cooling capacity of the cooling power of the larger piece, the more heat is generated), the semiconductor the reason characteristics at the same time work is bound to generate a lot of heat is discharged directly in the cab, the cab directly increases the ambient temperature (simply equivalent to an air-conditioned indoor and outdoor unit are installed in the room) not only does not play a so-called fuel consumption only slogan, but is increasing the power consumption has increased the original car air conditioning load increases fuel consumption, more harm than good.

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