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Product Name£ºDedicated car

1, product performance
    The product has cool features, there are stalls stalls cold thermal features. When the heating temperature of the third gear, respectively: 51 degrees, 45 degrees, 38 degrees.
In the summer cooling temperatures were: 20 degrees, 24 degrees, 26 degrees. Unlike ventilated seats, really realize the dual function of hot and cold.
2, the product composition
By two fans, a controller, a set with a switch lines.
3, the installation method
1: The main driving seat cover down, here and rely on each sponge dig two intakes.
2: bore hole and back behind the pipe vent hole alignment has a good seat under the seat, the alignment will head into the pipe below the back of the seat and backrest from the seat and backrest, and then separately with the two a fan of the hole on the plug outlet. Then pull the buckle portion of the pipe and fan head fixed to the seat and backrest following behind. Vents aligned seat seat than people usually real part, aligning the back than people usually rely on the real part. Such heating and cooling effect will be better.

3: the sandwich on the Internet network and fixed to the seat and backrest breathable foam sponge, if coupled with the rear seat and backrest sandwich mesh becomes too thick, you can sponge original seat and backrest remove some. Net pave the sandwich.
4: vent pipes installed in the back, you need to open a slot in the back, the vent pipe is fixed in the slot. Direction along the pipeline fee to open a gas tank platoon. It is at the top of the seat covers in a square hole open to charges of gas discharged. The head pipe plug on the wire along at the bottom of the seat, waiting for the plug-in controller for interpolation. Then you can put the seat back suit.
5: The fan is fixed in the table below. Fan air intake down, buckle by pulling the seat next to the fan fixed metal online. The fan inlet holes on the backrest outwardly vent down the backrest is fixed, can dig a recess fixed fan, exhaust pipe downward fee gas can dig a groove, while the exhaust pipe and the exhaust fan-emission the hole is aligned with the pull buckle fixed. The fan is fixed to the backrest of the metal mesh.
6: Place the controller on the following main driving seat, respectively, from the fans to the plug and plug-in controller for interpolation. Do not put debris on the controller and the fan on.
7: switch installation:
1): In the near side of the seat or near the handbrake, or dashboard to find a suitable location to open a hole, press down the switch. If there are holes for available blade will cut the size of the hole is slightly smaller than the switch mounting holes after the switch is pressed accidentally.
2): The four-core plug tail plug and switch on the main cable to plug the cable laying on the ground underfoot. Pore size loaded switch to the right, the big switch is easy to loose; small hole switch easily damaged.
3): the switch is preferably mounted for easy use and visually visible place. Can always know in the first few stalls, heating or cooling.
8: Power cable:
1): After completing the above steps, then can the power cord on the controller and car power connector.
2): the black wire to the grounding line, such as seat following gong mother below. Such as gongs mother insulating paint, the paint must be removed. The black line clamping pressure prison.
3): The red line received a wire diameter of not less than one millimeter on the positive supply. When the car is turned off, he is no voltage, after the car starts 13.8 volts. Can be measured with a multimeter that line. The red line connected to this line, then pressed firmly. ON yellow wire to wire.
The use of methods
    There is a three-color LEDs on the switch, each color represents a working condition, yellow represents a file; red for the second gear; green for third gear.
1: When using heating:
1): After the car starts, press the switch has four operating status, all three LED color.
2): the first tranche of the yellow light, heating control at 51 degrees; the second tranche of the red light, heating control at 45 degrees; the third tranche of the green light, heating control at 38 degrees.
3): Three temperature is adjusted according to each person's own needs. Was shut down by the fourth, then the lights are off.
2: When using refrigeration:
(1): In the hot summer days when using refrigeration, the method is very simple, first hand and hold the switch does not move more than 3 seconds, the yellow indicator light flashes a few times, then automatically enter the refrigeration state, yellow light, the temperature control in first gear, refrigeration temperature of 22 degrees.
(2): When the switch is pressed a second time, the red light, then cooling temperature is 24 degrees; and automatic temperature control.
(3): When the third pressing the switch, the green light, then cooling temperature is 26 degrees; and automatic temperature control.
(4): When the fourth pressing the switch, the lamp, the cooling stops.
(5): the use of cooling in the summer, the first tranche should be fixed by switching three seconds, automatically jump to let go after the first tranche of refrigeration, then one, two, third gear before refrigeration.
(6): the user according to the summer cooling needs, adjusted third gear refrigeration temperature, generally the first to use the first tranche of refrigeration.
V. Notes
1: To the above sandwich mesh and thin sponge fixed.
2: The seat and back of the excavation cold air intake is not too large, otherwise it is easy to reverse the loss of air-conditioning and heat out.
3: The pipe head in the rear seat bottom and seat back with pull buckle fixed, use a good quality nylon pull buckle.
4: Pipeline not play hard bend, otherwise it will affect the ventilation effect.
5: Fans want well fixed at the top of the seat bottom and back of the fan inlet under the seat down, on top of the wind turbine installation in the back of the back, and the air inlet outward.
6: namely, the red and black wire to position, securely connected and can not be loose. ON yellow wire to wire.
7: switch to be installed to the proper location, opening to the right size, installed at a location easy to operate and easy to see.
8: Do not cover the fan and controller with debris.


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