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Product Name£ºHeater


¡ôWorking voltage:12-24V
¡ôWorking current:1.5-3A single pad
¡ôProduct power:18-35W
¡ôTemperature controlled:40¡æ -70¡æ
¡ôSize of pad:Designed according
    to user requirements, maximum 
   up to 650 ¡Á 350mm (the largest 
   one-time carbon fiber pattern area)£»
   Designed according to customer 
    requirements of all sizes and 
   shapes seat heating products.



Our products

Amount of 
carbon fiber 
¡ñWeaving widths up to 600mm can be a one-time heating pad, the product even 
    heating, the appearance of smooth appearance.
Carbon fiber 
heating pad
 electrode tape
¡ñWoven belt with electrodes so that good contact with the carbon fiber shaft to
    increase the service life of heating pad
¡ñSpecial copper-belt equipments,instead of normal soldering technology,
are used more reliable

Adhesive glue

¡ñSpecial high/low temperature resistant glue is used,special equipments are
    used to glue
¡ñConformance with automobile industry QC/T413 standard
Sleeves of 
¡ñHarness with self-produced PVC pipe, wire and using German standard
    and reliable marking on environmental protection
Thin film pressure
sensor of human
¡ñFunction:the circuit is completed only if the sensor is under the pressures
   of over 25kg(55 Ib),no matter the swith is on or off,to avoid the pad idle 
   heating when nobody on the seat and safety peril.
¡ñThe life time of the pressure senor,over 1 millon times,the working temperature:
   -40¡æ£¨-40 F£© ~120¡æ£¨248 F£©
¡ñWith autonomous intellectual proerty right
¡ñAll products can be installed with such function


¡ñ5 files using built-in heating circuit switch, the switch has a sensor short / open circuit / 
   over-voltage protection, and delay opening feature.
adhesive tape
¡ñThe advanced special glue equipment is used.These are 10mm of two edges of the 
    backing uncoated adhesive,so that the backing is easily ripped open and installation
    time is reduced.

3¡¢Technology Level of products
Our factory is on a par with the best professional producers aboard.



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